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Supporting Candidates Through the Process

Applying and interviewing for jobs is stressful. At Rad Hires, we support candidates throughout the process. Whether it’s helping candidates improve their resumes, prepare for interviews, or negotiate terms, we’re their every step of the way.

People First

Helping People Advance Their Careers

At Rad Hires, we believe in putting people first. When you put people first, it’s a win-win: candidates find their dream job and companies naturally succeed because they are hiring the best of the best.


We work closely with candidates to understand their life and career goals and match them with a job that will take their life to the next-level. At Rad Hires, there’s nothing more rewarding to us than helping someone improve their life.

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Why Work With Rad Hires

Rad Hires strives to be your agile recruitment partner and we view recruiting top talent as a very collaborative process. We will work hand-in-hand with your hiring team to ensure that they’re always kept up-to-date and moving candidates through your hiring pipeline. With our flexible recruiting and staffing options and our history of working with outstanding startups and enterprises, we are a trusted partner who will help you grow your company.